Veterinary Dental Cleanings: A Must Have for Your Pets

Veterinary Dental Cleanings: A Must Have for Your Pets

Dogs and Cats Need Veterinary Dental Cleanings

You know you need to provide your pet with food and water, but annual physical exams, as well as a professional veterinary dental cleanings in Broken Arrow, are just as important for your pet’s health. You may be doing a good job with regular at-home care, yet tartar and plaque build up still can occur. This is why a professional cleaning is essential. If left untreated, dental disease will cause a lot of pain and discomfort for your pet. There can also be permanent loss of gum tissue and teeth. Your pet relies on you to take care of them. They are unable to tell you when they are in pain, recognizing when something is out of the ordinary is your responsibility.

Although most veterinarians recommend a dental cleaning for your pet at least once per year, some breeds may need to have their teeth cleaned professionally more often. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect when you take your pet in for a dental cleaning.

Your Broken Arrow veterinarian will perform a complete physical exam before the cleaning.

In order to make sure your pet is healthy enough to undeveterinary dental cleanings in Broken Arrowrgo the anesthesia necessary for the procedure, the veterinarian will run pre-operative blood work. Even though modern anesthesia is now very safe, this precautionary procedure helps to minimize any risks. The veterinarian may take dental X-rays in order to evaluate your pet’s teeth and jaw bone health.

Your pet will be monitored by the veterinary team during the cleaning. They will make sure your pet’s vital signs stay within normal limits. They will be monitoring your pet’s blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and respiration rate and body temperature.

The equipment used by the professional to clean your pet’s teeth, will smooth the surface of your pet’s teeth. It will remove all plaque and tartar as well as polish the teeth. Depending on the extent of disease at the time of cleaning antibiotics and/or pain medications may be prescribed.

When the dental cleaning has been completed, the veterinarian will carefully bring your pet out of the anesthesia. Before your pet is released to you the veterinarian will ensure that your pet has properly recovered. You should follow all the after care instructions given to you by the veterinarian. If you have any concerns be sue to contact the veterinarian immediately.

Village Vet Animal Clinic is participating again this year in february with the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) in promoting National Pet Dental Health Month.  We are offering tremendous savings of $110 off a full  veterinary dental procedure.  This includes a full exam, anesthetic, scaling, polishing and sealing of the teeth.  For more information veterinary dental cleanings or to schedule an appointment call Village Vet Animal Clinic at (918) 258-0040.