Pet Oral & Dental Care at Village Vet Animal Clinic

Good dental hygiene is just as important for your cats and dogs, as it is for you.  We brush and floss every day to keep our teeth healthy.  But our pets can’t do the same for themselves.  This is why pet oral care is crucial.  They need routine pet dental care to avoid plaque buildup and gum disease as well as other underlying health problems that are easy to miss! 

Roughly 80% of dogs and 70% of cats are seriously affected by dental disease by the age of three.  It is the most common illness seen in veterinary medicine today.  But it is also the most untreated.  Village Vet Animal Clinic is an AAHA-accredited animal hospital.  This means that we are equipped to handle most dental problems and work under a set of very high standards.


Veterinary Dental Services

An ounce of prevention is definitely worth more than a pound of cure.  A pet dental exam should be performed by your veterinarian at least once a year.  Further, home care is central to your pet’s dental health.  It is recommended that you brush your pet’s teeth daily.  There are a number of pet oral care products that effectively clean your pet’s teeth in addition to brushing.  Unfortunately, even with the most diligent care at home, you will need a professional pet dental cleaning at some point.

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What Our Pet Dental Care Includes

Preventing dental disease through regular brushing at home and promptly attending to dental pathologies is important because it eliminates severe pain and significantly improves the quality of a pet’s life. Left untreated, dental diseases can have serious, irreversible health issues or even be a cause of death.

Veterinary dentistry is in the mainstream of our practice. We do both cat teeth cleaning and dog teeth cleaning.  We employ:

  • Dental Digital Radiography
  • High-speed ultrasonic teeth cleaning and polishing
  • Hygienic prophylaxes
  • Cleanings
  • Both simple and complicated surgical extractions
  • Treatment of periodontal diseases.


Dental Care is Very Important to Your Pet’s Health

Symptoms of gum disease include smelly breath, inflamed gums, loose or fractured teeth, excessive salivation, difficulty chewing or eating, swelling around the face, altered behavior, and pawing at the mouth.  Unfortunately, dental problems don’t stop with bad breath, tooth loss, and painful chewing. In worst cases, bacteria can enter the bloodstream and damage you’re the heart, liver, and kidneys.

Regular professional cleaning is the only effective way to remove tartar and plaque. It is also the most helpful protocol for removing tartar under the gum. While regular home care is essential (and necessary to lengthen the time in between professional dental cleanings), a thorough dental cleaning is essential.