Experienced Owners: Diet for Cat with CKD?( polycystic)

Hello everyone. My husband and I have three Persian cats( and , no decisions to those who do breeding or anything, but I would like to state that in our case, we did NOT purchase our cats from a breeder – a friend quite literally asked us if we’d like to take them from her due to her life circumstances altering, and we took in all three – mom, son, daughter .) Mommy cat is now 12 -1/ 2, son& daughter about to turn 11 on tax day 🙂 My husband and I be taken into account our Family.

The daughter cat, Squeakie, was recently diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease. Our vet recommended a low protein, low sodium, low phosphorous diet. All the usual brands such as Royal Canin CKD etc were recommended to us. My husband does most of the actual feeding, just as part of how we divide the daily pet chores; whereas I’m in charge of medications and subcu fluids etc.

My concern is that I’m nosing around online for additional info considering proper diet for kitty CKD patients, and there seems to be a large divide between what even the best veterinarians recommend vs what experienced cat owners recommend. Vets will typically recommend what ours did, whereas cat owneds recommend raw food or a mixture of raw/ cooked food but to kick all kibble to the curb.

O__o HALP !!

My husband and I are 100% on board to offer our sweet Squeakie the best of what she needs in order to keep her in tip-top health, as well as alter the diet for her mommy& brother in order to PREVENT CKD for them. But trying to make sense of vet websites vs raw food delivery websites vs blogger testimonials is…like looking into a minefield.

I figured I could at least begin by asking for experience owners to weigh in here and share their experiences in order to ameliorate this illnes, prevent relapse/ worsening, etc 🙂 Looking forward to hearing back!

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