Cat Dental Care - Cats Need Good Oral Health Too!

Cat Dental Care - Cats Need Good Oral Health Too!

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According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, 70% of cats age three and older have dental disease.  However, few pet owners in Naples acknowledge the importance and take action. Cat dental care is just as important as dental care is for people.

Like humans, dental disease in cats, if left unchecked, can lead to life threatening conditions. Immediate problems include loose teeth, bleeding gums and bad breath. Over time dental disease can cause infections that then travel into the bloodstream and throughout the entire body infecting and damaging the heart, liver and kidneys. Cats with dental disease may drool, have trouble eating, and suffer mouth pain all the time.

Cats can’t always let us know when they have a medical problem.  Many times they are brought to a vet for cat dental care only when infection is evident or when they have noticeable mouth pain.

Preventing dental illness through regular brushing of your cat’s teeth and immediately taking care of dental pathologies is very important due to the fact that it removes serious pain and substantially enhances the quality of a pet’s life. The ignored progression of dental diseases can have major irreversible health repercussions as well as quicken death.

Cat Dental Care at Village Vet Animal Clinic

Veterinary dentistry is one of the major veterinary services of our practice. We use dental digital radiography, high speed ultrasonic teeth cleaning and polishing devices and have the abilities to attend to regular sanitary prophylaxes, cleanings, both simple and complex surgical extractions and the treatment of gum diseases.

Now is the time the get your cat to Village Vet Animal Clinic  in Broken Arrow for a dental checkup. We can give your cat a dental cleaning that will keep them healthy and happy. Our animal hospital has been providing quality, pet healthcare for over 20 years.