advice for a kitty in need

Hi all, I hope you all determine your little ones in happiness and good health. I am reaching out to see if anyone has any advice on my gf’s cat. She is 5 years old and we noticed she stopped eating much and lost a lot of weight. Well we took her to the e-vet yesterday and were slammed with a double whammy of diabetes and fatty liver cancer. We had her admitted to be cared for and I called today and they says nothing has gotten better but nothing has gotten worse as well. The main issue is getting her to eat and we are going to go by with Pate tonight to see if she will take to being force fed by us. They have mentioned putting a tube in and possible euthnization if there is a need. We of course do not want to go the latter if we do not need to but money is not endless for us but it would be unjust for us to not do all we could. We are hopeful and confident my gf will be able to force feed her well as she takes to being manhandled( for lack of a better term) by her. I guess I am only ventilating and trying to figure anything I can do to help my gf and her “baby.” Has anyone taken care of any cats with these conditions with success and does anyone have any tips for feeding her? Thanks for any help a listening to my message.

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