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Dog-Bad-BreathWhy Brush Your Pet’s Teeth with Toothpaste?

Our beloved pets acquire bad breath as well! Do you often get a kiss from your pet? Does your dog always sat next to you panting and all you can think is, wow, you need a breath freshener! besides bad breath, there are also other factors to consider in brushing your pets teeth. Gum Disease, loose teeth, abscesses are all problems associated with not taking care of your pets oral health. And research have shown that 98% of dogs with bad breath are suffering from periodontal disease, which is a result of plaque build up. In such cases, you can always consult a Broken Arrow veterinarian, and have your dog checked.

Why Use Pet Toothpaste To Brush Your Pet’s Teeth?

  • Pets don’t spit; they swallow their toothpaste.
  • Human toothpaste, while not poisonous, is not meant to be swallowed.

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