Why Does My Dog Eat Poop?

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dog eats poopHave you ever wondered why the dog that you have brought into your Broken Arrow home keeps on eating his or other animal’s poop?

Coprophagy is the term given to the act of eating feces. It may be its own feces or other animal’s feces. There are a number of reasons why dog’s do this act repeatedly.


Reasons Why Dogs Eat Poop



A dog in Broken Arrow that has been confined within a small or tight place may become easily bored. Because of boredom, it may find a poop as something interesting to play with and to put in his mouth.


The feces has a scent that give a warning to other dogs or other animals of your dog’s presence. In the wild, dogs eat their poop so that predators cannot track their whereabouts.

Nutritional Deficiency

If you are giving a low quality food to your dog, the food may pass out partially digested. Your dog may mistake his poop as food thus eats the poop. Feeding your dog a low quality diet may make your dog nutritionally deficient.

Dogs can also eat poop when they are not given enough food to eat or just to recycle the microorganisms in their feces that can aid their digestion.


Some dogs that are confined in cages in a city home will eat its poop to help their owners keep their cage clean.


A dog may pick up his poop with his mouth because it may be imitating you as you pick up his poop from the floor. Dogs use their mouth to pick up things as they cannot use their paws to grasp things.

Attention Deficiency

Sometimes you can’t help but ignore your dog because of your busy schedule. You may also be spending a lot of time outside leaving your dog alone in your house most of the time.

Your dog may long for your attention and may do silly things such as eating poop just to attract your attention. Your annoyance can bring your attention towards your dog which may send a message to your dog that one way to catch your attention is to eat his poop.


Intestinal parasites can leave your dog nutritionally deficient. Your dog eats poop with the thought that he still can gain nutrients out of the poop. Have your pet checked by a vet in Broken Arrow for parasites and make sure to deworm your dog regularly.

How to keep your dog from eating his poop 

Here are some ways to prevent your dog from turning to his poop:

  • Have your dog checked by a vet in Broken Arrow regularly
  • Have your dog dewormed regularly
  • Give your dog a quality diet that is highly digestible
  • Provide vitamin and mineral supplements
  • Provide pet accessories for your dog to play with.
  • Always keep your dog’s cage clean
  • Take your dog for a walk and train him where to poop
  • Spare some time for your dog

If your dog is eating his or other dog’s poop, have him checked by a vet in Broken Arrow.  Your vet can perform tests to check for parasites and recommend to you ways on how to cut your dog’s poop eating habit.  Bring your dog to the vet in to Village Vet Animal Clinic in Broken Arrow or set an appointment by calling (918) 258-0040.


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