When Is It Time to Consult Your Broken Arrow Veterinarian?

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Many animals are very good at hiding signs of illness and distress.  It’s one of those guards against predators that nature has given them.  It can make it much more difficult to know when to call your Broken Arrow veterinarian. Pets also can have minor injuries and illnesses that don’t present immediate harm.  So what can you look for before deciding to bring your pet to the animal clinic in Broken Arrow? When in doubt exercise caution. A visit to the vet,  even if it turns out to be unnecessary, will at least give you peace of mind that your pet is okay.


Animal Clinic in Broken Arrow

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It can be hard to tell if your pet is suffering since so many animals hide signs of distress. Warning signs that all is not well with your pet include:

Changes in appetite, such as refusing to eat for a couple of days or showing no interest in food. While it’s not uncommon for dogs to skip a meal here and there, but repeated refusal to eat could indicate something more serious. Likewise, if you notice that your pet is eating much more than usual (or stealing food when it’s not something they would normally do), then bring it to your vet’s attention.

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