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dog dental cleaning Broken Arrow OKWho says dental care are for humans only? Yes, even your dog can suffer from gum or periodontal diseases and just like us humans, this is something we need not to ignore. This is why regular dog teeth cleaning is an essential part in keeping your dog’s overall well-being at par. Most dental problems could lead to your dog’s loss of appetite, broken or loss teeth. Serious cases of gum disease can also lead to a possible organ damage if not treated right away. In order to prevent this, professional dog teeth cleaning as well as brushing your dog’s teeth regularly are great ways to maintain good oral health. Make sure to have a regular dog teeth cleaning from your Broken Arrow veterinarian to keep your dog healthy. 

Dog Teeth Cleaning Tips for Your Pet

You may have noticed that your veterinarian looks at your dog’s teeth at each examination. Dental health is an important part of every dog’s well-being. If your vet detects dental disease, a professional cleaning may be recommended in order to keep your dog healthy. But what exactly is a dog dental cleaning?

About Professional Dog Dental Cleaning

A professional dental cleaning is sometimes called “dental prophylaxis” in cases of mild disease (because it is a preventive procedure).

When dental disease is significant, the professional dental cleaning may be considered “periodontal treatment”. Most vet offices will simply nickname the procedure a “dental.”

Much like your own routine visits to the dentist, a professional dog dental cleaning involves thorough scaling of the teeth, close inspection of the teeth, gums and mouth and polishing of the teeth.

However, one cannot expect a dog to open wide and say “ahh.” No dog will let people tinker around in his mouth with water and metal tools. Therefore, anesthesia is necessary to do a proper dog dental cleaning and oral examination.

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