Signs Your Dog May Have Animal Alzheimers

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Ssenior dog care Broken Arrowometimes older dogs get confused, maybe soil the rug or lose their way in the house. It’s perfectly natural. Or is it?

In the past ten years, veterinarians have come to realize that severe cognitive (or thinking-related) problems are no more normal in older dogs than they are in aging people. While older dogs may move a bit more slowly and get a little gray around the muzzle, they shouldn’t experience a complete change in personality. A dog that suddenly seems confused, distant, or lost may be showing signs of cognitive dysfunction.


Signs Your Dog May Have Cognitive Dysfunction System (CDS)

So how can you tell if a dog is showing signs of CDS or if she’s just getting older? Watch for her to start showing some of the following behaviors:

Withdrawing from interaction with the family
Soliciting less petting and attention
Staring at walls or into space
Sleeping more during the day
Sleeping less during the night
House soiling
Difficulty learning new tasks, commands, or routes
Pacing or wandering aimlessly
Frequent trembling or shaking
Ignoring known commands
Becoming lost in familiar places like the home or yard
Getting “stuck” in familiar places, like in corners or behind furniture
Having trouble finding the door or standing at the hinge side of the door
Not responding to name
Decreased activity
Not recognizing family members or other familiar people
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Is you dog showing signs of CDS?  Call your veterinarians in Broken Arrow, OK at Village Vet (918) 258-0040. We can perform a physical and neurological exam to rule out other conditions that could cause these symptoms and then discuss treatment.

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