Second-hand Smoke Is Dangerous to Pets Too

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Cigarette Smoke Can DOUBLE Your Pet’s Lymphoma Risk

It’s not something you normally think about, even though you have heard time and again about the dangers of second-hand cigarette smoke, but that smoke is harmful to your pets too. Signs a pet is suffering the effects of cigarette smoking in the home include a dry, hacking cough and more frequent attacks in pets with asthma. Pets can also ingest tobacco products found in the trash or lying around… sometimes with fatal results. Consult your  veterinarian in Broken Arrow  if you notice any of these signs.

By Dr. Becker

Broken Arrow Veterinarian

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Most adults who smoke recognize that second- and third-hand smoke is harmful to other people around them, especially children. But not as many smokers realize their habit can also damage their pet’s health.

Animals can develop lung damage and certain kinds of cancer just like humans do when exposed to second-hand smoke, residual chemicals from cigarettes, and even the hands and clothing of a smoker.

According to veterinary oncologist Heather Wilson-Robles of Texas A&M University:

“Animals with asthma or bronchitis may have difficulties controlling their disease. A lot of vets, even though not much literature is published to prove that, would tell you that they have seen similar experiences. The owner quit smoking and the pet’s lung problems or disease improved.”

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