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Puppy Care in Broken ArrowCongratulations on the addition of your brand-new member of the family!  We can’t wait to meet your new puppy.  We anticipate inviting your new puppy in Broken Arrow  into our family also!

Obtaining a puppy is an exciting time yet there are particular essentials you will have to recognize to guarantee so your new puppy stays fit and healthy. We are your best partner in keeping your puppy healthy. We have lots of  know-how and experience and will certainly be glad to offer you advice and guidance in caring for your new puppy.

Pre-Puppy Preparation

When you acquire your new puppy, remember to ask exactly what and when he or she was fed. Repeat that timetable until your initial visit with us. We will review with you your puppy’s breed, daily care and nutritional necessities during your initial puppy exam.

Pre-puppy planning is very important. It is best to purchase materials (for instance, chew toys, grooming supplies, bedding,food and water bowls, dog collar, leash, identification tag, crate and gates) prior to you bring your puppy home. Pre-puppy shopping enables you to buy products without the stress of the puppy promptly needing the things.

You should puppy-proof the area where your puppy will certainly spend much of his or her time the  first few months. Once you assume you’ve totally puppy-proofed your home, it is a good idea to get down on the floor and look at your home from the puppy’s point of view. If you have children, please remind them not to bewilder the puppy the first day.

Your Puppy’s First Health Exam

broken arrow puppy examWhen you bring your puppy home, please schedule your puppy’s first exam with one of our Broken Arrow animal medical practitioners. This preliminary puppy examination includes a complete “nose-to-tail” physical and dental analysis, enabling us to set up a personalized wellness program for your puppy going forward, including correct vaccinations, parasite protection and correct health and nutrition.

Your puppy’s initial examination will certainly give us the possibility to develop a partnership with you and your new puppy, and to learn your expectations as a customer and an animal owner. It is the most effective time to attend to all your inquiries and/or problems regarding puppy and puppy care.

When bringing your brand-new puppy for the very first time, kindly bring the following with you:.

Your puppy on a leash.
A stool sample and any sort of previous wellness documents that you obtained when you brought your puppy home, such as record of vaccines, deworming, neutering, past medical history, and diet.

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