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seasonal pet allergies in Broken ArrowMild Winter Triggers Increase in Seasonal Pet Allergies in Broken Arrow

This year’s mild winter and early warm temperatures have many area pets suffering from seasonal pet allergies in Broken Arrow.  Blooming plants, grasses and flowers can trigger allergic reactions, much like hay fever in humans, in dogs and cats.

So how do you know if your dog or cat is suffering from seasonal pet allergies in Broken Arrow and the surrounding area?

“Most dogs and cats will have symptoms related to their skin: itching, licking, chewing, hair loss, rashes, or head shaking” according to Dr. Brad Walsh of Village Vet Animal Clinic in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  These allergies can be found in all dogs and cats. but certain breeds, especially smaller dogs are more prone to allergies than others.

“If left untreated there can be infections on the skin or in the ears that can develop and worsen.  Sometimes the pets will get progressively more irritated and uncomfortable”says Dr. Walsh.

There are several treatments for seasonal allergies in Broken Arrow, from symptomatic things that provide temporary but immediate relief to other treatments that can “re-train” the body to have milder or in some cases even no allergy symptoms.  If a particular allergy is short-lived, three months or less, oral medications (like cortisone) may be used to control itching. In more severe cases, pets are given a skin allergy test to pinpoint what allergies the animal is sensitive to. Your veterinarian in Broken Arrow can then give injections of the allergic material in minimal doses to build up immunities in your pet’s system. Other treatments for allergies include immunotherapy, antihistamines, steroids and medicated shampoos.

What Can Pet Owners Do To Reduce Exposure of Seasonal Pet Allergies in Broken Arrow to Their Pets?

“If there are things known to cause allergy symptoms, avoidance can help,” says Dr. Walsh.  “Many allergens cannot be realistically avoided, because they are microscopic and airborne.  The best thing to do is bring your pets in to our clinic at the beginning of symptoms, many times it is easier to treat and give relief to seasonal pet allergies in Broken Arrow at that point.

If you suspect that your pet may be suffering from seasonal pet allergies in Broken Arrow, please visit your veterinarian.

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Seasonal Pet Allergies in Broken Arrow

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