Is Dog Panting Normal or Not?

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panting dog Broken ArrowMany of us may see our dog pant most of the time. But are we aware that too much panting than normal is not good? In fact, it may be a sign that your dog needs medical attention. Better have your dog checked by our veterinarians in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma to see if your dog really needs medical attention.

Dogs pant. They pant when they’re hot, they pant when they’re excited, they pant when they’re scared, and sometimes they seem to pant for no good reason at all (from our point of view, at least). When a dog is panting more than expected, should an owner be concerned? The answer is “maybe.”

Excessive panting can be a sign of a medical problem, including obesity, heart problems, diseases of the lung, laryngeal paralysis, canine cognitive dysfunction and other disorders that cause anxiety, steroid use, Cushing’s disease, and more. If your dog has begun panting at what appears to be inappropriate times, the first thing you should do is make an appointment with your veterinarian.

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