How Important Are Pet Exams?

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Broken Arrow pet examsAlmost every pet owner understands that their cat’s or dog’s most yearned for snacks, favorite window perches or places to go on walks. In fact, we even see which side of your bed they like to sleep on!  However, as a fellow pet owner, do we know when our pet’s kidneys start to slow down? Or if their joints are really starting to ache because of hip dysplasia or severe knee pain?  This is why it is crucial to schedule the time to have regular Broken Arrow pet exams with our pet’s veterinarian. We might not know when things might go wrong.

Regular physical exams (every 6 months to once per year) are important to help detect any changes that come with aging, such as arthritis and dental disease.  During those visits your vet can go over important life stage changes like appropriate dietary recommendations and how to maintain an appropriate active lifestyle for your pet.  Parts to the physical exam include listening to the heart, feeling the abdominal organs, checking hips and knees, and also checking their dental health: teeth and gums.  Blood work often plays a vital role in evaluating organ function and aids in detecting infection, anemia, diabetes, kidney failure, thyroid disease and other medical conditions.  When caught in early stages many diseases can be well maintained, or even treated and cured.  Did you know that diabetes in cats, if found early, can be treated and reversed sometimes with diet alone?

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