Got Doggy Breath?

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From a previous newspaper column by Dr. Mark Setser

Does Your Dog Have Doggy Breath?When your dog greets you with a big, toothy grin and sloppy wet kiss, do you get a whiff of something that smells like the bottom of a trash dumpster?  Sounds like it’s time for a dental cleaning!  As your pet ages, it can develop tartar and calculi that build up on the teeth, damaging the tooth itself and potentially leaving to gingivitis and infections. Left unchecked, this can result in tooth loss and even cause damage to your pet’s skull! Tooth abscesses can become painful.  And abscess is a pocket of infection. Your pet may lose interest in food or play because of pain.  Antibiotics for a period of time both before and after the dental cleaning may be a good idea.

Small dogs may require more frequent cleanings than larger breeds, and geriatrics more often than younger pets. Dental cleanings in dogs and cats involve general anesthesia, so it is important to perform pre-anesthetic blood work before the procedure. Your pet’s teeth will be scaled, polished, and sealed to prevent new tartar buildup. It’s amazing the difference between the before and the after products!Who knows? You might actually start enjoying your dog’s kisses again!

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Got Doggy Breath?

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