Why Birds and Exotic Pets Need to See the Vet

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Village Vet Animal Clinic in Broken Arrow, OK and their sister hospital All Creatures Veterinary Hospital in Tulsa, OK offer exotic pet care for exotics, such as ferrets, birds, snakes, reptiles, amphibians and fish.  We have clients who come to us from 5 states and we have been treating exotic pets for many years.  Not many vets really have anywhere near the experience treating exotics as we do.  If you have an exotic pet, take them to the vets who know how to treat them.

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“He’s never been sick before, so I’ve never had to bring him to a vet.”

birds and exotic pets Broken Arrow OKThis is the answer I commonly hear from bird and exotic pet owners when I ask them whether their animals have ever been treated by a veterinarian. Actually, all exotic pets, regardless of species, should have regular veterinary checkups.

Why Annual Wellness Exams for Exotic Pets Matter

Environment: Many exotic pets have specific requirements regarding heat, light, temperature and cage bedding. There are so many products for birds and exotics that it’s hard to know what’s best. A veterinarian educated in exotic pet care will review your pet’s cage setup to help ensure that you are providing an appropriate environment for your pet’s specific species and keeping up-to-date on the latest product recommendations.

Nutrition: Birds and exotic pets have very specific nutritional requirements, and offering proper nutrition is key to preventing illness. Feeding an exotic pet involves more than just opening a can or a bag of kibble. A knowledgeable exotic animal vet can teach you specifically what your exotic pet needs to eat to stay healthy.

Vaccinations: In many states where exotic species such as ferrets, potbellied or mini-pigs, kinkajous and fennec foxes can be kept legally as pets, these animals require annual vaccinations to prevent illness. If you own one of these types of animals, by taking him for a yearly checkup, you’re ensuring that your pet is current on vaccinations against often deadly diseases.

Behavior: Unlike cat and dog behavior, which generally remains constant throughout the year, the behavior of many birds and exotic pets can change in response to variations in daylight cycle and temperature. A veterinarian who treats birds and exotics can provide you with a better understanding of normal versus abnormal behavior for your type of exotic pet so that you’ll know when to be concerned.

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