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If you are the type of pet owner who enjoys playing outside with your dogs, rolling on the ground or watching them lick their coats, this article is a must read for you. Of course, we all love our pets do the cuddling and the rolling on the ground. What we don’t want is their smell after they play outside or their still pretty yet dirty furs after they play with the dirt outside. During this times, the best thing to do is to ask the help of a Broken Arrow dog groomer to help you deal with your problem as early as possible.

good dog groomer Broken ArrowYour dog groomer will check on your pet’s sensitive areas such as ears, belly, tail, feet and back. During this time, make sure that you are with your pet to assure him that he is safe and comfortable. To do this, make it a habit to caress and touch your dog most of the time to make him feel ready when he’s about to visit your dog groomer.

Maintaining good grooming for our pets should be fun and enjoyable. The best time to schedule their regular visit with your Broken Arrow dog groomer is when your dog feel more relaxed. Be sure not to make it longer than 10 minutes. Do this regularly until they gradually learn how to adopt the habit. Until then, you can make the time a little longer than the usual. Make their visit with your vet as comfortable as possible.


Combing or brushing your pet’s hair helps remove dirt and spread the natural oils throughout her coat. It could also prevent tangles and keeps her skin clean and irritant-free. Aside from the basic hygiene it gives to your pet’s hair, combing could be a great time to check for fleas that might live on your pet’s hair. Make it a habit to brush or comb your pet’s hair for it can also be a relaxing time both for you and your pet as well. If you own a Chihuahua or a Basset Hound whose coat are smooth and short, you only need to brush their hair at least once a week.

Brushing tips:

  •   Use a rubber brush to help loosen dirt and dead skin.
  •   Remove dead hairs using a bristle brush.
  •   For low maintenance pooch, polish their hair with a chamois cloth to make it shine.
  •   For short hair dogs, use a slicker brush to remove the tangles.
  •   Long coated dogs need more maintenance than usual. Make sure to comb through the fur and trim the hair around the hocks and their feet.
  •   Do not forget to comb the tail.


When bathing your dog, it is essential to use a mild shampoo that would not harm her skin. Your Broken Arrow dog groomer will recommend you to bathe your pet dog at least once every 3 months. If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors during summer, you may bathe him more than the usual. Just be responsible and follow these easy steps on how to properly bathe your pet dog.

Bathing Tips:

  •   Brush your pet dogs’ hair first to remove mats and dead hairs.
  •   Fill the tub with 3-4 inches of lukewarm water.
  •   You may also put a rubber mat in the bathtub to secure footing.
  •   Using a spray hose, thoroughly spray your pet until she is wet. You may also use a large plastic pitcher or unbreakable cup if you don’t have a spray hose.
  •   Be careful not to spray directly in her eyes, nose or ears.
  •   Gently massage your pet’s head to tail using a mild shampoo.
  •   Rinse the pet’s body, avoid the ears, nose and eyes.
  •   You may use a cleansing solution on a cotton ball to clean her ears but be extra careful not to insert it into the ear canal.
  •   Check for any foul odors or excessive debris on her ears.
  •   Carefully dry your pet using a large towel or a blow dryer.
  •   You may put a toy that floats in the tub, especially for puppies that wiggles and bounce during bathe time.

If you have other concerns regarding the proper ways to groom your dogs, it’s okay to ask questions with Broken Arrow dog groomer. Remember that they too are part of the family and as a responsible pet owner, we should be the ones giving them the tender loving care they rightfully deserved.

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