Does Dog Coat Color Make A Difference?

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Broken Arrow pet health careDogs come in many different colors – black, yellow, white, chocolate, etc. – plus a variety of shades. So there’s a saying that goes, the color of a dog is related to other factors, like temperament and health. The lighter colored dog would be able to endure the heat of daylight unlike a dog being darker in color which is able to absorb more heat. Is this factual? Does the color of the coat of a dog make much difference in the dog-days of a Broken Arrow summer?

The color of the coat does make a difference — in a couple of ways.

First, the heat of summer. Just like humans wearing dark clothing, the effect of the heat will be more noticeable in the hot rays of the sun. The dark colors absorb the heat more than light colors, which reflect the heat away. For the record, ALL pets, regardless of coat color, should always have access to cool shade and fresh cool water in the summer heat.

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