Broken Arrow Pet Emergency Care: Thanksgiving Dangers to Avoid

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Broken arrow pet emergency careThanksgiving is almost here and as you prepare your feast, be aware that the holiday can be dangerous for those pets who nibble on people food.  Being familiar with some common pet emergencies that occur during Thanksgiving will help you keep your furry friends safe.

Keep Pets Away from Counter Tops

It only takes a minute, a slight distraction and a pet attracted to all the wonderful aromas can be on or around your counters full of food.   Not only may they exposed to foods that may be toxic to them but they also are frequently burned from hot plates or even hot stoves.  Often cats and dogs get hurt by pulling a hot dish off of a counter top and onto themselves.

Use Extra Caution With the Turkey

Raw or under cooked meat or bones pose a risk of Salmonella or e. Coli bacteria.  The bones, whether fully cooked or not, should not be given to any pet.  Turkey bones splinter and can easily get stuck in the throat or intestines. Safely dispose of the turkey string and foil– the string that wraps or ties turkey’s legs is often haphazardly placed aside and found and eaten by dogs and cats. The same danger exists with the plastic turkey wrapper. Ingestion of these indigestible items can require life-saving surgery. Place string, aluminum foil, and turkey wrappers in a securely covered trashcan.

Go Easy on the Table Scraps

You may look into those wanting eyes and look at the abundance of leftovers and decide a bowl of Thanksgiving dishes is just right for your dog, but think again.  It’s easy to want to give your dog a big fat bowl of turkey, mashed potatoes, and whatever else you think she might enjoy. But that’s a bad idea. Overindulging in fatty foods can lead to an upset stomach, diarrhea, or a life-threatening condition called pancreatitis. Don’t use your dog to dispose of turkey skin.

Other Foods Toxic to Pets

There are other foods which pose a danger to your pets. Sage and some other herbs have essential oils that can cause an upset stomach and even central nervous system depression in cats and dogs.  Grapes have been known to cause kidney failure, onions can lead to a dangerous form of anemia that may not be detected for days.  Chocolate, especially dark chocolate is toxic to pets.

Keep Fido Away from the Bar

Your dog may not wear a lampshade and embarrass you if he gets too much alcohol in his system, but he could become quite ill. Too much alcohol can even lead to a coma, and death. Watch where you – and others – put your drinks, it doesn’t take that many half-consumed drinks lying around to lead to a major problem.

Following these few simple tips can go a long ways in giving your pets a healthy and happy Thanksgiving. Pay attention to what is going on with your pets, check their stools and be aware of any depression or vomiting.  If you suspect anything might be wrong call your vet.

If you need pet emergency care during the holiday weekend, Village Vet Animal Clinic is open regular hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday and on call Thanksgiving Day.

Village Vet Animal Clinic
2026 W. Houston
Broken Arrow, OK 74012
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