Broken Arrow Exotic Pets: Do Sugar Gliders Make Good Pets?

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by: Derrick Anderson (guest blogger)

sugar glidersThere are many things to take into consideration when trying to decide on getting a pet and what kind of pet works best for you and your lifestyle. Owning a pet brings several added responsibilities into your life. Feeding, grooming, walking, and attention are all things to consider before diving into being a pet owner. Pets are a lot more than a fashion accessory.

One animal that not a lot of people consider when choosing a pet is the sugar glider. Sugar gliders are considered an exotic pet but they are very social and tend to bond tightly to their owners. Glider owners often carry their pets in a pocket or bonding pouch, as well.

What Are Sugar Gliders?

A glider is a marsupial. After birth, they are vulnerable and very dependent on their mothers. They spend most of their time inside their mother’s pouch during this time.

They have opposing thumbs which they use to grasp branches and anything else they can climb on. Gliders love to climb and will need vertical space inside of a cage to do so.

From their wrists to their ankles stretches skin, or pantagium, which is used as their glider in the wild. They are often seen gliding from tree to tree in their natural habitat. However, this pantagium is very flexible and allows for normal walking and climbing.

Sugar gliders are native to Indonesia, Australia, and Pap New Guinea. A full grown glider has a body around six inches long and a tail that is also about six inches long. An adult glider weighs about 5 ounces. Their lifespan in captivity is from ten to fifteen years. They are also nocturnal so they will sleep most of the daytime.

Sugar gliders are very sociable. If you have time to give them ample attention they will do very well. If you don’t have constant attention to spare you might consider buying sugar gliders in pairs. Be aware that pairs of the opposite sex that are not neutered will procreate rapidly, though.

Sugar gliders make great pets and are quite easy to care for. With the right person they provide the perfect companion.


The author is a life-long sugar glider owner and passionate about proper care of sugar gliders.  He runs a store of pet cages that specializes in cages for sugar gliders that he sells.
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