Broken Arrow Dog Care: If Your Pet is Sprayed by a Skunk

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Removing Skunk Smell from Your Pet – Broken Arrow Dog Care

By the American Animal Hospital Association


Broken Arrow Dog careTo your dog or cat, the outside world is a playground, and coming head to head–or head to tail–with a skunk is just one more adventure. For you, the smell of adventure may be a little hard to take inside the house. You can take heart, however–there are ways to banish that skunky smell and welcome your pet back into the living room.

The most important thing to do if your pet has been sprayed is check his eyes, nose, and mouth. If he was sprayed in the face–which is exactly where skunks tend to aim–the chemicals in the spray could cause irritation and inflammation. They could even inflame the lining of your pet’s throat and lungs, if inhaled. If your pet was sprayed in the face, rinse his eyes, nose, and mouth with water. If, after rinsing, his eyes look red or he rubs at his face, he should be seen by a veterinarian. The veterinarian can make sure his eyes aren’t damaged and prescribe an ointment to soothe the irritation.

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Broken Arrow Dog Care: If Your Pet is Sprayed by a Skunk


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