7 Secrets To Getting the Red Carpet Treatment at Your Veterinarian

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Are you a VIP at your local vet?  Are you getting red carpet treatment?  Here is a great little article about having the best relationship you can have with your veterinarian and their staff.  This very frank article has some very great tips for clients.



Every veterinarian worth his degree is always and will always be providing every pet who comes through the door with the best care possible. We veterinarians are animal lovers, and we are highly trained and highly skilled medical professionals, proud of the work we do.

But I’m going to let you in on a secret: Some pet owners are treated a little better than others, in other words, there is bias. Why? Because veterinarians are humans, of course, and we can’t help but appreciate people who appreciate us. That is a fact. There are some owners who make us smile when they call in or when we see their names on the appointment log. Of course, we can’t wait to see them, and were too excited to help their pets. The entire staff feels the same way about these people for the same reason we veterinarians do.

It’s really just about feeling appreciated. And when we feel valued, it’s easy for us to return that goodwill.

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